To protect our Wildlife we must conserve our Wilderness and for our Wilderness to be meaningful our Wildlife must be able to roam free within it.
Wilpattu Leopards

Resident Males

14.09.2015_18.15.58_leopard1.JPG  willeo4444.JPG  Stalker.JPG
                                                         Stalking, stalking  

wil leo333.JPG  ZA sniff.JPG  ZB eyes on prey.JPG
              Itchy nose                                      Sniff Sniff                               Eyes on the prey    

ZC reflection.JPG  ZD lone walker.JPG  ZE siblings.JPG
                Reflect                                      Lone walker                                       Siblings
Resident Females

ZF hello.JPG  ZG anybody home.JPG  ZH foooood.JPG                    Hello?                                  Anybody home?                         Foooooooood!!!
Wil leo2.JPG  female leo2.JPG  17.09.2015_20.52.13_leopard2.JPG
     Female with a cataract                           Just walking                             What's that light?
ZI one eyed.JPG  ZJ one eyed 2.JPG  ZK one eyed3.JPG
                                      One eyed female photo-captured at different places

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