To protect our Wildlife we must conserve our Wilderness and for our Wilderness to be meaningful our Wildlife must be able to roam free within it.

German (ZDF) Television film  

In January 2017, WWCT’s Andrew Kittle travelled to Yala National Park to advise a German Public Broadcasting (ZDF) team filming leopards as part of their Fascination Earth (Faszination Erde) series. The program “Sri Lanka – Gift of Heaven” was focused on the geological and social history of the island and how that has led to a surprisingly robust large mammal abundance. In one day of filming we were able to see 7 leopards from 5 different sightings in Yala’s Block I and Lunugamvehera National Park. The link is here:


Animal 360 -French production

In October 2017 the French film team “Animal 360”  ( )   visited WWCT’s field locations and created 2 short films about our work in the Central Highlands- 'Amidst the tea where the leopards still roam '- ( )   and about our Patch Forest Project.  We want to give our most heartfelt thanks to Anne-Laure and Pascal, the team behind Animal 360, for their approach to us, their incredibly efficient field visits and their tremendous results. Their generosity and interest in conducting this work is very much appreciated and WWCT has already used the Central Highlands video at public presentations. The video is also shown at the Dilmah Tea Lounge in Colombo and parts of it were used in the David Attenborough narrated short film which highlights Anjali Watson and WWCTs 2018 Whitley Award.

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