To protect our Wildlife we must conserve our Wilderness and for our Wilderness to be meaningful our Wildlife must be able to roam free within it.
Wilpattu Animals.
Majestic shadow.JPG  Perfect symmetry.JPG  W_everybody look to the left.JPG
       Majestic shadow                            Perfect symmetry                    Everybody look to the left

W_mousedeer.JPG  W_reach out and touch.JPG  W_run.JPG
              Mousedeer                                  Reach out and touch                        RUN!

W_sneak peek.JPG  Wildoar babies.JPG  pangolin1.JPG
              Sneak peek                     Wildboar mum, kids and their                   A pangolin

Porcupine111.JPG  J fowl.JPG  W_curiosity.JPG
                After a fight                                 Sun dance                                    Curiosity
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