To protect our Wildlife we must conserve our Wilderness and for our Wilderness to be meaningful our Wildlife must be able to roam free within it.

BEAT Young male Kandy Site, Captured on camera trap
KW Adult male leopard in Yala block I
SHADOW Resident adult female monitored over 6years. She has had multiple litter at our Kandy study site
AGRA Female leopard monitored in Agrabopath study site
SAND Female leopard checking out a camera trap Yala Block I
SCAR Face Transient male Block I Yala at time of our study. Probably become resident a few years later.
SS Resident adult male Yala Block I
STAR Young male who we followed from a very young cub to young adult. Yala Block I
W Male leopard who we followed closely from a young cub to adulthood, We were able to monitor his territorial shift in search of a home range
STRIPE Resident Adult Female leopard that had a male cub “star” who we followed from a very young cub to a young adult. Yala Block I
BS 10 years old resident male who we documented shifting home ranges prior to and during our study period. Yala Block I and outside
HEENA Resident Adult Female who had a male cub during our study time at Yala Block I
HUMP Transient male visiting Yala study area
KINK Female leopard at baby buffalo kill Yala Block I
LADY A resident adult female in her prime. Yala Block I
LFS Resident male leopard study area - Yala Block I
OLDA An old resident female in the Warahana area of Yala Block I
SAM 1 Young male cub part of a duo of 2 male cubs. Northern Yala Block I Note: The face and body photos used for identification.
SAM 1 Face